Hip Hop Artist, Songwriter, Producer

Eddie Zechariah Reynolds, aka "EZR", was born and raised for most of his childhood in Colorado Springs, CO. EZR is one of a family full of talented musicians, poets, writers, dancers, and artists whose roots are tied to the heart of Motown. He has always had a love of music that was impressed upon him since infancy with exposure to a wide range of genres from every era that included classical, jazz, R&B, rock, pop, and of course, rap/hip hop. From the age of only 12, he began his gravitation to the art form of hip hop. With this exposure to the arts, EZR has been able to mix a blend of styles that is surely to set him apart by using catchy beats, crazy word play, and revolutionary lyrics that is bound to capture any fan of the culture. In an era where there is a lot of music following the same formula, he holds fast and steady to making music that is unequivocally his creation without alteration. With this in mind, EZR looks to make waves and give back to Hip Hop what's been given to him; and that’s passion!

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