Brit Brat

Hip Hop Artist, Songwriter

Brittany Nicole Cook, aka "Brit Brat", was born on May 6th, 1993 in Memphis, TN. Her inspirations are unique, as they have come from various sources and experiences thus far. These instances include a top notch work ethic and drive coming from her mother, three sisters, closest day ones, and most importantly a higher power. During her school years, Brit Brat moved around a bit and had been enrolled in approximately 38 different schools. Due to being accustomed to constant change, Brit Brat picked up an uncanny ability to adapt that you can definitely hear in her music. Her talent and recognition of having something concrete was realized after partaking in many of the lyrical challenges seen so often in circulation. She decided to start recording in 2015 and Brit Brat was official in an instance after being told by the engineer, “you can’t start recording until you have a stage name”. Brit Brat can drop a trap song that'll reach the streets, come with lyrics of revolution with strong conviction, or serenade fans with a classic Hip Hop love ballad!